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Finding the Best Radiant Heat System for You.

March 29, 2012 00:03 AM  BY  JEN HALLAM

You’ll find many radiant floor heating systems on the market today, each with their own designed application. Have you decided that radiant heated floors are right for you? Wanting warm floors for your home is a good place to start, but then how do you know which is the best radiant floor heating system for your situation? The best place to start is by doing some well-informed research. 

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How Radiant Heat Works

June 14, 2011 00:06 AM  BY  LAURA CARTER

The first time I had the pleasure of walking barefoot across heated floors, I marveled at sensation of warm tile greeting the soles of my feet with every step. Radiant heated floors are about more than warm feet—they are an impressive alternative to traditional heating solutions. Radiant heat is a unique transfer of energy that naturally searches out colder objects to warm. Instead of rising like warm air from forced air heating systems, radiant heat starts by warming the coldest and closest objects from its source. The most common radiant heated floor systems are hydronic and electric. Which one you choose depends largely on the application, square footage and your budget. 

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Say Goodbye to Cold Feet with Radiant Heat

June 02, 2011 00:06 AM  BY  CHRISTOPHER HERMELIN

Warmzone, the expert and leader in heating technology, is helping you say goodbye to cold feet with radiant heated floors. Radiant floor heating features quiet design and no noisy fans and ducts to create a better living environment, making it a better alternative than traditional forced air heating systems. With radiant floor heating, your home is efficiently warmed from the ground up using a variety of situation-specific methods. 

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