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The Comfort and Convenience of Heated Floors

Installing a heated floor has become more affordable and more popular than ever. Radiant floor heating systems feature a programmable thermostat so you can program the floors to warm just moments before you wake up in the morning and only at times when you need. Electric underfloor heating systems are virtually maintenance free and surprisingly easy to install.

Heated Bathroom Floors

Mom and child on heated bathroom floor.Nothing can compare to the comfort of a radiant heated floor in the bathroom. No longer will you have to endure stepping out of the shower and on to a cold tile floor. Radiant floor heat transforms your chilly bathroom to a warm oasis that no longer has to be avoided by bare feet.

While there are two types of floor heating systems (electric and hydronic), electric radiant floor heating systems are typically used for heating bathroom floors. Electric heated floors feature a rapid response time, so your bathroom floor heats quickly, evenly and efficiently.

Heated Kitchen Floors

Most people spend considerable time in their kitchen, which is why it should be a comfortable, inviting room. Regardless of whether your kitchen floor is tile, hardwood or laminate, you can enjoy the benefits of radiant heat.

While most floor heating systems are installed in new construction jobs, Warmzone also offers floor heating systems for existing floors. So if you are looking to spice up your existing kitchen floor, check out Warmzone’s RetroHeat and FloorHeat radiant floor heating systems. For new construction jobs, ComfortTile floor heating mats and cable is the most trusted floor warming solution.

Relax and discover the many benefits of radiant heat. Install a floor heating system in your kitchen, then kick off your shoes and enjoy the comfort of radiant heat while you cook and dine.