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How is Radiant Floor Heat Installed?

March 08, 2013 00:03 AM  BY  JEN HALLAM

Installation of Radiant Floor Heat is Not Traumatic for Your Flooring

Home improvements can often be messy, expensive, and inconvenient. Going blindly into a major project can lead to headaches and frustration, most of which could be avoided with some good old fashioned up-front homework. Understanding the scope of your project will help you breathe calmly should hiccups arrive.

Many people are considering and approving radiant floor heat for their new homes. Yet radiant floor heating is a home improvement that is relatively easy to do room by room. Installing radiant floor heating before final construction is the easiest way to enjoy floor heating; however, it is feasible to retrofit the flooring too. Attaching the in floor heating is a fairly simple process as the cables are durable and the system designed to easily and seamlessly fit beneath your chosen flooring.

Due to the durability of radiant floor heating systems, you can nail the in floor heat directly to your wood subfloor. If you have a concrete base instead, you’ll be able to glue the floor heating to that. When it comes time to install the actual flooring on top of your radiant floor heating system, whoever is installing it will be able to move forward without any impediments below. The radiant floor heating is seamless enough to not cause an issue with any type of flooring laid on top of it. A plastic lathe is recommended for use with tile floors instead of a metal lathe.

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Which Floor Heating Product Best Suits Marble Flooring?

February 27, 2013 00:02 AM  BY  JEN HALLAM

Which Floor Heating Product Best Suits Marble Flooring?

There are several types of underfloor heating systems available on the market today. Choosing the right floor heating product will mean the difference between ideal floor heat and a disaster at your feet. The first decision you need to make is what type of flooring you are going to use. So which floor heating product best suits marble flooring? ComfortTile underfloor heating systems are commonly used to heat tile, but are also recommended for heating marble floors. As consumer become more savvy with what they want in a home, more are installing floor heating. Recent advancements in the technology and affordable pricing have made it possible for more people to enjoy the warming benefits of floor heating.

ComfortTile floor heating systems have a single point connection design that allows you to use one cable to connect to the thermostat, without having to return the end back to the controller. This makes the system relatively pain free to install and a good choice beneath marble floors. The unique ComfortTile underfloor heating features twin-conductor cables, which help to cancel out harmful electromagnetic fields. The thin design also helps in the flexibility in installation and allows you to customize your floor heating plan easily beneath marble flooring.

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Achieve the Equivalent of Sunlight on Your Floors

February 15, 2013 00:02 AM  BY  JEN HALLAM

In-Floor Heating Warms Gently

Radiant heated hardwood floor.Bright sunny summer days are still a few months away for many of snow-locked right now. I heard a bird chirping the other day at my bird feeder and got excited I almost cried. The mini-tear that started to form quickly froze and I remembered quickly that winter is still in full bloom. The bird was either dumb or very brave. But I was glad to hear him sing, because it always reminds me of the promise of spring and summer. I love the winter days when the sun creeps onto my wood floor and warms that spot every so slightly. It is possible to achieve the equivalent of warm, glowing sunlight on your floors with in-floor heating. Only instead of just beaming its warmth to a singular spot on your floor it radiates hear throughout your entire floor, swirling the heat to the far reaches of your ceiling corners even.

Radiant heat is not magic, but just like the sun it can warm and put a smile on your face. Heating cables coil seamlessly beneath your floors (tile, wood, laminate, or carpet) and send heat from the power source all the way across your floor, radiating warmth throughout the room. Furniture feels warmer, fabric, and all surface area of your floors feel toasty and cozy with the help of in floor heating. Radiant floor heating is a gentle way to heat your home and reminds you of sunlight hitting your floors without the damaging UV rays.


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Floor Heating Beneath Laminate and Wood Flooring

January 11, 2013 00:01 AM  BY  JEN HALLAM

HeatShield Panels Offer the Clear Choice for Electric Floor Heat

Part of the enjoyment in building a new home is picking out light fixtures, drapes, and flooring. All the little decisions all add up to one big satisfying end result. As you walk through the door of your new home and survey all the beautiful elements you chose to make it a home, you can smile knowing your hard work paid off. Making good decisions and taking a chance on the right products is hard to do. Warmzone can guide you through your radiant floor heating choices with confidence and experience. Radiant floor heating is a home heating trend picking up speed, landing it as a top choice for savvy home builders. If the flooring you choose ends up being a type of laminate or wood flooring you may be wondering which type of under floor heating would suit you best. Warmzone offers a radiant floor heating option called HeatShield that is optimal for these types of floors.

HeatShield panels do not require heating cables be embedded in a mud base. The heating insulation panels are placed directly on the existing floor, then pressed into accessible grooves. The flooring is then laid directly on top of the HeatShield heating panels. Once the heating panels are placed and the new flooring complete all that you have left to do is connect the thermostat and turn on your comfortable, energy efficient radiant floor heat.

  Radiant Floor Heating  

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Heat Any Type of Floor Surface

June 20, 2012 00:06 AM  BY  JEN HALLAM

Carpet, Tile, Marble, Hardwood, or Laminate: Nothing is too Tough for Radiant Floor Heat

When you build a new home, you want everything to be perfect. You spend hours agonizing over light fixtures and door knobs, and don’t even try and calculate the time spent on your flooring. The choices are endless and the styles vastly improved over the past few decades. Still, you don’t want to choose the perfect floor and then botch the decision by hacking your home heating system. Whatever floor surface you choose, it can be heated with radiant floor heating.

Radiant heated tile floor. Not all radiant floor heating systems are created equal. Although most systems can be applied to carpet, tile, marble, wood, or laminate, not every radiant heated floor system is ideal for each surface. The trick is picking your floor then consulting a professional to help you choose which system is right for you. There are countless ways to heat a home, but only one that makes economical sense any more. Radiant heated floors operate efficiently and more cost effective offering you consistent warmth from the ground floor to the top.

If you are sitting at your computer reading this from your existing home as your computer chair scoots across your existing floor, don’t lose heart. There is even a retrofit floor heating system called RetroHeat that can be installed using the existing floor joists from below, as along as you can access them. If you have a floor and want to heat it, there is a radiant heating solution perfect for you. 


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You Have Been Good Enough for Warm Floors

June 13, 2012 00:06 AM  BY  JEN HALLAM

Underfloor Heat Keeps Floors at the Perfect Temperature

We all deserve a little extravagance now and then. A little extra comfort that injects a lavish element into our lives. For some of us it an extra helping of Crème Brûlée after dinner, for others it is the quiet of a massage on a white sandy beach, and still for some of us it is the warmth and sumptuousness of underfloor heat. No one can convince you that you deserve this floor heating gift, except for you. But if you really think about it, haven’t you been good enough to treat yourself to a little something special?

Radiant floor heat is becoming the standard by which home builders are choosing to heat their nest. It is not just an indulgence anymore. Heated floors are affordable and energy efficient so the choice is becoming easier and easier with each radiant heated floor that is installed. Using the tried and true principles of radiant heat, a heated floor offers comprehensive warmth throughout each room, heating from the carpet, hard wood, tile to the ceiling. As heat rises you feel the warmth envelope the entire room starting at your toes. You can stand on warm floors, sleep on them, sit on them and play games with your loved ones, or just enjoy the lower energy bills each month. Radiant heated floors have been more of a luxury in the past but lately we are seeing they are essential to many house plans. Believe me when I say that you have been good enough all year and you deserve to enjoy the lasting radiant heating benefits of in-floor heating.


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Radiant Floor Heating Indulges Your Family

April 13, 2012 00:04 AM  BY  JEN HALLAM

Give those You Love the Gift of a Radiant Heated Floor

We know your intentions are pure. We know you love your family and want to do great things for them. Your generosity is grand, but in this stiff economy where every penny must count you need to be creative with how you indulge your beloved family. Do you dream of being able to bestow your loved ones with an extra perk or two? Avocado facial masks, glacier water flown straight from the arctic, 2000 thread count deluxe sheets, a trip to the Eiffel Tower?

Radiant heated floor under tile. What about radiant floor heating in your teenage daughter’s bathroom? Every morning on her list of daily complaints you find “cold floors” so why not consider a heated tile floor? Or your wife bemoans walking into the kitchen each morning to fix her family a warm breakfast. It’s simply too cold. Why can’t you have a radiant floor heating system there too? Good news…you can!

Electric radiant floor heating is a sumptuous sounding luxury that may seem too pricey given your withering bank accounts. The good news is that not only is radiant heat an affordable, energy-efficient upgrade to your home, it is also a great home improvement investment. Radiant heated floors can be easily added to a small room or the whole house, without breaking the bank. What may sound like a luxury far beyond your reach is technically within your reach. Now more than ever, installing a warm floor is a feature that homebuyers and builders are gravitating towards. They feel great, heat efficiently and make heating your home luxuriously slick to do.


  Radiant Floor Heating  

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In the Heat of the Night Step on Heated Floors

February 06, 2012 00:02 AM  BY  JEN HALLAM

Cold Floors are Ancient History

Warm floors all day. Think about it. Dream about it. Now make it a reality. In the dark hours of the night if you find yourself quietly slipping out of the covers and wandering your halls to hit the fridge for a little midnight snack, imagine stepping onto heated floors . . . warm, inviting, smile-producing heated floors. Radiant heated floors can make that little twilight vision a real life scenario. It would be a wonderful story to share with your co-workers in the morning. "Hey guys, listen to this. I woke up last night for a snack and walked barefoot (insert disbelieving gasp from your work mates here) to the kitchen." Barefoot? they'll all cry.

You'll go on to explain the beauty of radiant floor heating and how it made slipper-free foot paths to your kitchen. You can tell them how your radiant heated floor makes it possible to stroll, not run frantically to the bathroom in the morning. You now take your time as you saunter, toes bared, down the hall each morning. They'll have a little hint of something in their eyes as you regale them of the wonderful tales of your radiant heated floors in the heat of the night and it will look a little bit like jealousy, until you can explain to them how they could enjoy the same luxury as you with a simple radiant floor installation. Cold floors are no more, only warm, happy, shiny floors.


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